Plastic Bag Ban in Your Hood? Trash Has Your Back

Plastic bag bans are the wave (pun intended) of the future. Our oceans and waterways are overflowing with single-use plastic, especially those flimsy bags you get at your local grocery store or market. What’s to be done?

Luckily more and more states, counties and cities across the country are leading the way and banning plastic bags. This is a great way to reduce our dependance on single-use plastic, and studies have shown that the bans do work. California was the first state to ban plastic bags and the results speak for themselves: CalRecycle found that 6 months after the bag ban went into effect, in 86% of transactions, customers brought their own bags!

When I launched Trash, I knew I wanted to have a Tote Bag for grocery shopping in the bag line-up. Trash is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles, but there are more than just bottles in our oceans and waterways. So I wanted to make an extra large and strong tote that could handle all the store runs, so customers would want to bring these bags along. Even to their Target and Costco runs.

Our Tote Bag can do all that. It’s huge and can hold up to 30lbs! Your Target run just got a whole lot bigger!

It has a large front pocket for the little items, like keys or your phone. It comes in 5 colorful options and perhaps it’s greatest feature (aside from being machine washable) is that each tote is made from 21 recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles!

Currently there are states with plastic bag bans:







New York



And New Jersey and Colorado are joining this list soon! If your state is not listed, you can still skip the plastic and bring your own bags on your next grocery run. This small gesture will make a huge difference.