We believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability—that you can (and should) have them both.

Cleaner Ocean, Cleaner Planet

All of our products are made primarily using 100% post-consumer recycled ocean-bound plastic. These plastics are collected from at-risk communities, where they would otherwise end up in oceans and waterways. We use third-party organizations to certify our materials and production centers, ensuring the ethical treatment of workers and the planet. The grass roots collection of recyclables helps create jobs in vulnerable communities.
Beautiful, Functional, Durable Everyday Things

Female founded in 2021, at Trash, our mission is to thoughtfully create design-inspired, functional bags and accessories that will be used day after day. Oh, and they’re super affordable too. Because we believe everyone should have access to sustainable, stylish products and accessories that are made to last.
Driven by Nature

We are inspired by silhouettes found in nature and by fashion brands before us who managed to turn the simplest, purest forms into works of art. We aspire to do the same, but instead of luxury materials, we use trash. We strive to create a sense of want out of things that go to waste by turning trash into treasure.