Plastic Free July is Here!

Plastic is everywhere. It can feel impossible to avoid at times. But it's crucial that we all try to reduce our dependance on plastic, especially single-use plastics. This is at the heart of our mission at Trash. When plastic makes it in to our waterways, it's dangerous to marine life and it's also pretty bad for us humans too. 

But here's the good don't need to be perfect to make a difference! Even small steps can help reduce plastic pollution.

Here are six of my favorite plastic free items that are not only well-designed but are convenient. You're going to want to use these!

1. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straws - I love these straws for thick smoothies, and my son uses one daily for his chocolate milk. They have soft silicone tips, that aren't too cold on sensitive teeth. Bonus points for being dishwasher safe!

2. Simple Modern Classic Tumbler - Reusable water bottles are a no brainer, but I've tried a lot of them and the Simple Modern Classic Tumbler is my favorite. I love the sleek design and color selection, plus the straw helps me easily reach my daily water goals.

3. J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar - This bar smells great and your hair will feel soft and bouncy after every shampoo. With no plastic packaging, it's an easy choice for adults and kids. It does take some getting used to since it's a bar of soap, but the results are worth it. I personally like the Coconut & Argan Oil bar, but they have one for everyone. I'll be trying their conditioner next. They make shampoo for your pets too!

4. Reusable Produce Bags - Thankfully Reusable bags at the grocery store have become an everyday staple (check our our Trash Totes). But what about produce bags? Those flimsy plastic bags are huge polluters (have you noticed they always seem to fly out of your recycle bin on trash day?). I love to stuff these reusable produce bags in my backpack since they can hold a lot and are machine washable!

5. Stasher Bags - These are great for kids lunches, storing leftovers and fruit. Also dishwasher safe, you can use these silicone bags over and over!

And finally...

6. Support companies using recycled ocean-bound plastic! By increasing demand for materials made from recycled OBP, we can have more products made from this amazing material. Even Barbie is doing it!

All of our products at Trash are made from certified recycled ocean-bound plastic, so by purchasing one of our bags you're helping in the fight to keep plastic out of the ocean.

Making one change, or several small changes, can make a huge difference in the fight against plastic pollution. Let me know your favorite  tip 

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." Anne-Marie Bonneau, The Zero Waste Chef